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Litigation and lawsuits can involve a variety of situations and issues.   If you are involved in litigation, you should have an attorney.  In retaining an attorney for litigation, you should have someone who meticulously prepares the case and carefully reviews the facts.  The attorney should make a good impression on the judge and jury, make persuasive statements and arguments, carefully question and cross-examination witnesses, and write legal briefs.


If you are involved in litigation, call us to discuss your case. We personally handle your litigation.  We meticulously prepare our cases, make good impressions, argue persuasively, carefully question and cross examine witnesses, and write persuasive legal briefs.


Some people hesitate to retain a Christian attorney for litigation because they are afraid that a Christian will not adequately represent them or fight for them.  Some people believe that only a non-Christian can aggressively represent a client.  This perception is wrong.  In reality, it is very important to hire a Christian attorney who will handle the case well.  Litigation is an adversarial process, which can cause tempers to flare and bring out the worse in people.  While you want a good litigator, you should also want someone who will represent you in a way that honors God.  The best attorney will use the facts and law to convince a judge or jury that your position is correct.  Litigation by intimidation is not the best way to win a case.  We aggressively litigate cases while honoring God. 


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