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There are on-line outfits and others that claim you can save money to “do it yourself” instead of seeking the advice of a lawyer for the legal issues in your business.  On rare instances, that may be true, subject to your own knowledge and experience.  However, most people who “do it yourself” are left with more questions than answers and are likely to make mistakes.  Many end up seeking legal advice even after paying someone in an effort to avoid paying an attorney.


Our office stands ready to assist you in starting and operating your business.  When you consider your time and expense, the most efficient and effective way to start your business is with our assistance.  With our help, you will spend far less time and money than if you “do it yourself”.  Our role is not just to file papers.  Our role role is to provide competent advice, counsel, and direction so that you can spend your time running your business more successfully.


Once you are started, we assist in operating your business.  We help with leases, contracts, employment issues, and any other legal needs of your business.  If your business gets involved in litigation, we can pursue your claim in court or defend your business.  In addition, we connect our clients to other valuable resources such as accountants, bookkeepers, insurance agents, and networking groups.





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